The Greyhound Sanctuary

Welcome to The Greyhound Sanctuary   The Greyhound Sanctuary is a small, self-funded, Devon-based charity established in 2007. Rescuing greyhounds and lurchers and finding them safe, happy, loving homes is the prime aim as well as raising awareness about the plight of thousands of greyhounds when they are no longer required for racing. Most of the rescues come from Ireland where the problem is much worse   We are fortunate to have the use of some kennels at Kinnings Farm Boarding kennels, Chittlehamholt, Umberleigh. However, we are only a very small charityand so are unable to take in many dogs. Please would you consider offering one of our greyhounds a home so that it will create a space for another needy dog. Greyhounds make really wonderful pets. They are at their best when in the company of people. Temperaments range from sensitive to very outgoing, with most falling into the middle ranges - sensible, sweet, happy and affectionate. They are intelligent and independent thinkers and this means they can adapt quickly to opening gates, rubbish bins and other places which are supposed to be greyhound free!   If you would like to become a Friend of The Greyhound Sanctuary or help in any way, we would love to hear from you. We do a lot of the large shows throughout Devon and if you have a greyhound or lurcher, it is always great if you can bring them to a show so that people can meet them and discover what lovely pets they make.   Sharing your life with a greyhound also may mean that you have to share your sofa as they are very fond of their comfort and you might find it very difficult to look into those eyes and say 'no'!        

World Indoor Slot Car Rally

"World Indoor Rally Slot Car Racing at the Community Hall, Tounstall, Dartmouth on Saturday 1st August 2pm-8pm. Cars provided, four large tracks to race around. "

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The Great Canine Caper at Escot 2015

"This great new event will be similar to the great 1000 Sighthounds Charity Day in 2014 but will be open to all dogs, large, small, pedigree or not we want to see the"

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